WorQFlow Testimonial – Sciens Building Solutions

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Sciens Building Solutions is a trusted provider committed to delivering complete fire detection, fire protection, security, and electrical solutions that not only protect lives but ensure the business continuity of their customers.

Sciens is currently working diligently toward a new Dynamics 365 (D365) Finance & Operations, Customer Engagement, and Field Service implementation, replacing the existing legacy ERP system. WorQFlow and Sciens have partnered to support the project and to help build out Sciens’ internal D365 team.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing when trying to attract and secure talent in the Dynamics AX/D365 market?

“The Dynamics AX/365 job market in the Bay area has always been competitive, particularly over the past few years, and the Dynamics talent out there has had the power to choose just about any opportunity they like. Prior to engaging WorQFlow, Sciens spent countless hours browsing job sites, selecting potential candidates, and conducting phone screenings and face-to-face interviews, yet our efforts were still fortuitous. The process could easily take 4-6 weeks.”

How did WorQFlow stand out from other agencies you have worked with in the past?

“WorQFlow truly understands the request and provides what’s needed in record speed, which makes them stand out from other recruiting firms. There are recruiters that still do not know the differences between Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations solutions. WorQFlow hand-selects the best-fitting candidates from the start with no nonsense. By partnering with WorQFlow, the hiring process can be as quick as two weeks with candidates who are the best fit. The process doesn’t end after candidates are onboarded either; WorQFlow has a mandatory follow-up process with both the hiring manager and the candidate to continue to ensure it is the best fit.”

How has this relationship with WorQFlow benefited you with the D365 project?

“A transparent partnership is key to the success of any Dynamics 365 implementation project, whether working with Microsoft implementation partners or Dynamics recruiting firms. WorQFlow has the resources to provide marketing data, hiring trends, and candidate expectations. WorQFlow leverages its expertise to set expectations between the hiring manager and candidates, in order to shorten the hiring life cycle and ensure a smooth, easy process for both sides.”