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It's our goal to build a community of the best professionals in the Dynamics ERP world with the projects that need them.

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How we are building our community

Tell us about yourself

Tell us about yourself

Schedule a meeting with one of our Microsoft consultants to talk through your background. We will combine our insights and experience to build a go to market plan for unlocking your dream role. During this face to face meeting we will be assessing your Microsoft Dynamics skills as well as your values to see if you are someone that aligns with our mission. 



Our consultants, with their deep knowledge of the market and armed with AI, help narrow down the most applicable projects and companies based on location, skill set, industry experience, and cultural fit.



Our recruiters maintain regular touchpoints with clients and candidates alike and recommend where the process can be improved to increase the likelihood of a match. They coordinate and manage interview schedules, provide guidance to both parties to make the most out of the interaction, and ensure that every stage is streamlined. This dedicated approach ensures we're always in the loop, enabling our recruiters to focus on nurturing relationships and delivering unparalleled services.



When all the pieces align, we work to integrate you into the perfect role. We partner with our candidates on areas such as offer negotiation, onboarding, timesheets, payroll and compliance. But it doesn't end there. Once placed, we offer continuous support, mentorship opportunities, and access to resources that keep you at the forefront of the D365 domain. Every engagement you undertake enriches the WorQFlow community, and we ensure that you grow with every opportunity.

When You Become a Member of our WorQ Community

Once we partner, here's the arsenal you unlock:

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Project Pipeline

Get firsthand access to upcoming projects and job openings.

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Community Connections

Build invaluable connections within our Dynamics professionals' network.

An Icon Representing Collaborative Engagements

Collaborative Engagements

Let fellow members lean on your expertise for client requirements.

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Ambassadorial Roles

Go beyond the usual. Mentor our recruiters, benefit from additional perks, and earn incentives. Together, let's shape WorQFlow to serve our community even better.

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