Reflecting on 2023 and Looking Ahead at WorQFlow in 2024

Danny Enright Danny Enright

WorQFlow Community,

We’re truly grateful for the trust you’ve shown in us again this year. Despite various hurdles, we’ve ended the year on a stronger note. Our commitment to improving our services for our esteemed clients has further refined our sense of self and our vision for the kind of organization we aim to be. Every project or initiative in 2023 was aimed at enhancing our strategic pillars, living out our mission, and moving us closer to the vision of where we want to be as a company. We are honored to serve you and are looking forward to a fantastic 2024.

2023 Achievements


  • Grew revenue by 15%
  • Grew our contractor book by 45%
  • Built 72 new “Dynamic Teams” within the Microsoft community
  • For every 2 jobs we worked in 2023, we made a placement.

Cultural & Operational Improvements

  • Established Strategic Pillars: Every project we take on within the business is guided by our intention to improve our Specialization, Development, Optimization, or Ethos.
  • Enhanced our Company Values: Care about people, Improve through Curiosity, Collaborate with Humility, Unleash your Inner Fire and Hard Work, Works. These values embody who we are and our approach to the communities we serve.

Improvements to our Brand

  • This year saw the launch of our new logo, brand colors, and website.
  • We proudly sponsored and spoke at the Community Summit
  • We updated strategic marketing material to aid our consultants in promoting the value we drive across the Microsoft community.

Goals & Vision for 2024

The upcoming year is all about “Achieving More Together” and enhancing both personal and professional growth for everyone in our orbit.

Goals for 2024:

  • Sales Optimization Projects: We plan to invest in products and people, delivering greater value to our communities.
  • Grow our Contractor Community: We aim to expand our community further, growing our partnerships with the market’s best experts who share our values and approach to customers.
  • Learning & Development: The rollout of our new Learning Hub for Microsoft and Sales Centers of Excellence is aimed at creating professional problem solvers in the D365 market. This will enable quicker onboarding and allow our team to solve more complex problems for their clients and candidates.
  • Innovative Marketing Campaigns: Utilizing creative and innovative marketing strategies that enable our clients & and candidates to hear potential solutions to their problems.
  • Community Experience & Relationship Building: We care about this community. Expect an increased budget for client and candidate meetings and community events, emphasizing the importance of strong relationships & and continuous improvement for those that we serve.

Who are we?

A consultancy composed of elite Microsoft sales professionals that partner with customers to provide the information and people needed for customers to take more control over their success. We empower customers to harness the full potential of Microsoft technologies by building Dynamic Teams and implementing successful D365 projects.

Why Work with WorQFlow?

WorQFlow isn’t just a company; it’s a community where growth, learning, and enjoyment are not just goals, but realities we live every day. As we step into 2024, we do so with enthusiasm, hope, and a commitment to “Achieving More Together.” Join us on this exciting journey.


The WorQFlow Team