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Attracting and retaining the right talent is crucial for organizations when delivering a successful D365 project or building an incredible team.


Access our D365 Talent NetworQ

Unlock our verified networQ that matches your needs based on skills, experience and culture fit. Educate yourself with the Insights, Build a blueprint specific to your needs, Validate that plan in your community and have our team deliver. By delivering the best people, we enable our customers to build high performing teams while saving the time needed to continue innovating and producing what they're best at.

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Highest quality delivery

Hiring top quality candidates who possess the necessary skills, experience and traits can significantly enhance the success of your project and team.  Engage the best people and ensure that they hit the ground running within your organization.

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Cost & time savings

Our team is continuously networking with the best and validating their skill, experience and traits against past projects and teams. We spend the time tailoring our talent based on industry, location and module, saving you time & money so you can focus on what you do best.

An Icon Representing Reduced turnover and talent retention

Reduced turnover and talent retention

Hiring the right people increases the likelihood of candidate satisfaction, engagement and loyalty. The best candidates tend to seek challenging and rewarding opportunities, and when provided with such roles they are more likely to stay with the organization for the long term.

An Icon Representing Improved team dynamics and performance

Improved team dynamics and performance

Tailor your candidate to the needs of your unique culture and team dynamics. Match the traits of the candidate with the needs of your organization and ensure collaboration and overall engagement.

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Positive employer branding

Strengthen your employer brand so you can attract and retain top D365 talent. Become a success story and have your project and team be recognized across the community.

Quote Marks

From the beginning of our project, we relied solely on the talent provided by our Microsoft consulting partner. However, we experienced multiple setbacks that caused significant delays in achieving our milestones. Fortunately, we were introduced to WorQFlow and were immediately presented with various options just two days after our initial conversation. The customized resources they provided us were suited perfectly to our location, industry, and team’s behavioral traits. It was truly impressive and inspiring to witness such tailored solutions for our project.

Director of ERP