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Our talent experts combine strategic insights with industry experience to deliver customized solutions tailored to the specific needs and goals of each client.


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We help our customers enhance their specific brand story and build a blueprint that allows them to attract, engage and retain the best talent on the market. With our advisory services, clients can confidently build a go to market strategy and achieve the desired outcomes they need within their Microsoft Dynamics projects and teams. 

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Enhanced Strategic Planning

Develop and execute on a strategic talent plan that aligns with your long term goals. By providing a fresh perspective, industry expertise and D365 hiring frameworks our team helps clients navigate market dynamics, identify competitive advantages and secure the right talent for your D365 project and team.

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Risk Mitigation

Reduce financial losses, legal issues and reputational damage by hiring the right person for the right role. Minimize cost and safeguard the long term viability of the D365 project and team.

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Improved Performance

Optimize your resource allocation and make sure you have a blend of the right people at the right time. This will minimize project delays and give you back the control over your own success.

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Efficient resource allocation

Knowing the right blend of roles will allow you to understand when and who to hire, leading to the most optimal utilization of your team and resources.  

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Stakeholder confidence and trust

Gain independent advice that will evaluate the viability and potential of your D365 project and team and lead to stronger stakeholder confidence and trust. 

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After purchasing D365 F&O, we were fortunate to come across WorQFlow. Their guidance enabled us to secure a project manager and solution architect on a contractual basis right at the beginning of the project. With their wealth of experience, these professionals supported our business tremendously, ensuring that we met all our deadlines. Thanks to our early collaboration with WorQFlow, we assembled an outstanding team and made significant savings in both time and expenses.